The cost of wedding card printing production can be quite high especially if you choose to print it with fancy printing styles and options. You can choose to save up money by designing your own wedding invitations and print your wedding invitations either on your own or with a local printing shop. Here are the steps of the wedding invitation making that you should follow:

1. Start Early

Printing your wedding invitations at home does not necessarily mean that it is faster than getting it printed professionally. At the end of the day, getting the invitations printed in a printing shop is more affordable and quicker. Since either way it takes time, you should definitely start designing early and have them start printed way ahead of the time of the wedding. It also gives you time to mail them out.

2. Choose a Style

You have to consider choosing a style that is more compatible with home printing. Such a design is one with more white space and uses lighter colors for the background. It can help you save printer ink as well. If you need to make it look bolder with more color for the background, try to choose to print on colored papers.

3. Design a Professional Look

Having your wedding invitation designed on your own instead of having a professional designer does not necessarily mean that you are going to get a design that is less good. You can still try to make it look professional by making sure that you keep up with tips and tricks that are also used by professionals, such as using a design that reaches the edge of the paper, leaving no white margins. Or in another word, designing it in full bleed. It is important to design your wedding invitation over the edge to ensure good results because most home printers leave out the edges of the paperwhite, so it looks like the design is cut off. To overcome this, designing it larger than the final cut size is very important.

4. Printer and Paper Compatibility

It is very important to make sure that the paper of your choice can be processed with your printer and its ink. Some papers can’t be processed with a common office printer and require a specific type of printer, so you have to confirm this compatibility before choosing and processing the wedding invitation. Try to choose an inkjet printer instead of a laser printer to avoid getting an unpleasant result for wedding invitation printing.

It is more preferable to print your wedding invitation on thicker, premium quality paper because it looks more proper and elegant. Unfortunately, this type of paper is usually more difficult to process with an inkjet printer due to its thickness and incompatibility with the ink. That’s why it is a lot better to have your wedding invitation printed in a printing shop so that you can save time and even money but at the same time settling for high-quality results. You won’t have to stress out from experiencing printing mistakes as well.