If you want to add a strong visual impact to your display, then you should definitely try out using a trade show poster stand. Not only that it is great, but it is cost effective. In trade shows, using a poster stand is the best way to stand out and deliver strong marketing messages.

Poster stands are lightweight, portable, and simple. It is also great because it only requires minimum space and it can be used for different uses or occasions.

There are several types of poster stands that accommodate different sizes of graphics. But all in all, a poster stand helps to enhance visibility, build stronger brand awareness, communicate the essential promotional messages and key selling points, as well as highlight the important contact information.

Usually, poster stands support both fabric and vinyl banner or poster. But the great thing about fabric material is that it doesn’t get wrinkled during transport or set up. Fabric material also does not reflect light and it does not appear shiny on the surface. So, it is safe to use under all light levels as the content of the poster or banner will be able to be read easily in any circumstances.

However, the downside of fabric is that the color can fade after some time and they are not as easy to clean as the vinyl material. When it comes to this, vinyl material is better and it can last longer too. Vinyl can produce a sharper and crisper image as well as colors compared to fabric. So, using vinyl material can create a stronger and more noticeable look, however, it is prone to wrinkling or creasing over time.

Regardless of your choice in the end, what’s most important is that you have to know the proper handling and care for both materials so that they can last to use for years.

Now, let’s learn more about the types of poster stands you can choose to use:

1. Retractable Poster Stands

Also known as roll up banner stand, this type of poster stand operates quite similarly to a window shade where the imprinted banner or poster is stored in the base. The banner or poster then can be rolled up or down to be attached to a supporting rail. Within these simple steps, you can quickly set up a retractable poster stand.

2. L Poster Stand

It has an L-shaped frame to support the poster or banner. The short side of the L is the one that supports the poster stand on the floor as the banner is clipped at the top and bottom so that it can be held in place.

3. X Poster Stand

For this one, the frame is shaped like an X letter with three legs that supports the structure. The banner can be clipped on all four sides of the stand.

4. Outdoor Poster Stand

Outdoor poster stands are usually heavier and made out of materials that are water resistant. The frame comes with a hollow base that can be filled with sand or water so that it can hold its stability in case of wind and other challenges of promoting outdoors with a poster or banner.