What is Pro Yellow Laser? 

Quadrostar Pro Yellow Laser is a German engineered version of the Dual Yellow Laser / Combination laser which is more commonly used. It has an ideal and specific wavelength of 577nm which makes it suitable for vascular skin removal. The other indications for its use are rosacea, skin depigmentation and underlying vessels. 

Pro Yellow Difference 

The major advantage is its specific wavelength of 577nm which makes it ideal for the management of conditions such as uneven skin tone, rosacea, and pigmentation. 

Vascular Conditions 

They result from small, dilated capillaries that appear clinically as red spots. The laser treatment shrinks the vessels while avoiding any damage to the capillaries. 

Facial veins and blood vessels 

The Pro Yellow laser is capable of absorbing red blood cells. This enables the reduction of facial veins which commonly occur on the cheeks and nose. 

Redness and rosacea are caused by dilated blood vessels 

The laser causes these vessels to become smaller or completely removes them. The result is a more evenly-toned appearance. 

Pigmentation & Skin Rejuvenation 

The Pro laser can perform the dual roles of skin rejuvenation and depigmentation. There is a scanner handpiece for larger areas and an individual handpiece for smaller regions. 

Pigmentation (sun/age spots, freckles, melasma) 

Melanin and the other underlying blood vessels are able to absorb the energy from the Pro laser which is transmitted at a specific wavelength. The pigments are broken down and there is a reduction in the vascularization of the cells thus resulting in long-term effects. 

Skin rejuvenation 

The laser’s energy is absorbed deep into the dermal layer of the skin which helps to improve the support structure. It leads to improved tightness and brightness with a single treatment. 


The laser treatment is effective in the treatment of acne by killing acne bacteria, reducing the redness that results from inflammation and shrinking sebaceous glands. 

Is Pro Yellow Laser safe? What are the side effects?  

The treatment is safe as it does not affect the outermost skin layer. Minimal side effects such as redness and mild swelling resolve in a few hours. Visit https://ensoulclinic.com/treatment/vascular-yellow-laser/ for more detailed info.

What happens during the treatment? 

The skin will be clean firstly, then the topical anesthesia will be applied before the patient wears laser protective goggles. Propionibacterium acne bacteria is killed, and sebaceous glands are shrunk by directing a laser beam on the face. The result is skin rejuvenation from collagen production and removal of small blood vessels. 

How long does each treatment take? Is it painful? 

A single session takes a period of about 45 minutes. It may be associated with a tingling sensation similar to pins and needles. 

What can I expect after a treatment? 

The area affected may assume a pinkish discoloration. However, individuals can resume their normal activities. 

How fast will I see the results, and how many treatments will I need? 

The recommended regimen is six treatments that are made three weeks apart. Maintenance treatments can afterward be scheduled after every two months or as required. 

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