As the popularity and importance of MUIS halal certification are growing steadily, every business involved in halal products requires the halal certificate to improve their business, reach, and revenue as well. As per Quran, halal means permitted. Regarding food, halal is accessed for food and various other consumables, which allowable for consumption and accessed by Muslims according to Islamic law. It promotes cleanliness and hygienic in all aspects of the person.

On the other hand, halal food makes sure that food taken by the people in their regular lives is hygienic, clean, and not harmful to their well being and health. Having this certification makes sure the food items are assured safe for consumption. Because of the increasing awareness of halal foods, more and more companies are seeking a halal certificate for their premises and products. If you are one among them, then read the article completely to know the way to get this certificate.

Understand the types of halal certification

Like other certification, the JAKIM halal certification also offered by the bodies, which specially designed to audit and provide the certificate of the applicants. Every country has some halal certification bodies, and therefore you should approach the right one as per your needs. When offering a halal certificate, the competent authority audits and ensures that your business fulfills all the things, mentioned as halal.

According to the nature of the business, halal certificate types can differ. Most often, this certification obtained for premises such as hotels, restaurants, packaging and labeling materials, and slaughtering houses to make sure they are appropriate to be accessed and visited by Muslim consumers. Keep in mind that this certification is not limited to food but also for raw materials required in food processing, non-alcohol beverage, health care products, cosmetics, cleaning products, and much more which you can find more info on

Look at the procedure of getting the halal certificate

Are you tired of looking for the straightforward method to obtain the halal certificate? Go through the below mentioned steps to make your certification process complete easily and quickly.

  • Application

Business, which wants to get the halal certificate, should apply to any one of the certification bodies in their country. It is vital for the company to be much aware of this certification requirement at every stage of the process. It is also necessary to ensure that it is compliant with all sorts of halal needs, system, and staffing requirements. Before applying, you should know the phase you must undergo in this certification obtaining process to avoid hassles.

  • Audit

When the details of the application are verified, auditors will check and verify whether the product meets the requirements. Usually, one technical auditor and one Shariah auditor will visit your business for inspection. They test the areas such as documentation, processing, handling & product distribution, cleanliness and food safety, storage, product serving, and display, packaging and labeling, the overall aspect of premises and machines/tools are acceptable for the halal certificate.

Once the audit is completed, the technical committee will start to review the documents submitted by the auditors and business. If everything is satisfactory, the company will get a certificate.