Today, many businesses use a thank you card as a medium to appreciate customers for trusting and buying their products or services. But is that important to do? What are the benefits of doing that? Apart from being a way to appreciate customers, thank you cards can also make customers feel valued! As a result, that can increase customer satisfaction or even lead them to become loyal customers. Because of that, thank you cards are applied by many businesses now.  

Well, if you own a business, then you should consider creating a thank you card. The process of making the card is quite easy, but you cannot underestimate it. To help you create the cards, here are a few tips you can follow during the making process!  

1. Start by Greeting Your Customers! 

Actually, this is an option if you want to greet your customers on the cards. By putting some words such as “Dear customers” at the beginning of the card, it can make the customers feel that the card is aimed directly at them.  

2. You Can Ask Your Customers to Tag You on Social Media 

Thank you cards can be a medium for telling your customers to tag your brand or business on social media. You can put a few words or a sentence like “Don’t forget to tag us on social media!” on your thank you card. Some businesses use it as a strategy to introduce their business to more people and to increase the level of brand awareness. 

3. Make Sure There Are No Typos on Your Thank You Card! 

Typo is prohibited! So, in this fourth tip, you have to make sure that there are no typos in every word on the card. Why? Because many things can happen as the consequences of typos. Some people may be confused about what you wrote on the card, or maybe others can’t reach you because a typo makes you enter the wrong number on the card. Therefore, you should check all the words on the card before the design is printed.  

4. Legibility Is Essential! 

Your thank you card will be nothing without a legible message and font. So, how to make it legible? First, make sure you choose the right font size that everyone can read. Then, avoid choosing intricated fonts. But at the beginning of the process, you need to know or estimate the size of the card first. This can help you set the font at the right size. For some important text or information, you can format it in bold. The last, make the font colour contrast with the background.  

5. Print Quality Determines the Card 

Did you know that the result of your thank you cards is determined by the quality of printing? That is why in the last tip we talk about it. Instead of printing thank you cards at home, you are recommended to go to a printing service to get great results of your thank you card. Usually, at a printing service, they provide various kinds of materials. You can choose it based on your needs and budget!