Without a doubt, the accounting of a company is one of the areas that most headaches give to all types of entrepreneurs. At the end of the day, keeping all financial issues up-to-date means taking into account different aspects of a business that go far beyond a simple balance sheet of profit and loss, as many might think.

In fact, and despite the fact that the accountant Service in Singapore of a company will be more complex depending on the type of business that we are and the size of it, when the truth, issues such as consolidation of financial statements; the accounting analysis for the integration, consolidation or implementation of new accounting criteria; financial planning; or the review of all the processes related to the accounting of a company affect equally all the companies. Both large companies and SMEs that only have a few workers.

The accounting of a company: a complex aspect to leave in the hands of professionals

As we can see, beyond the legal issues that surround the accountant Service in Singapore (and that, therefore, will be mandatory), the importance of this area makes it necessary to have professionals specialized in it.

Moreover, in large companies and multinationals it is usual to see how there is a specific accounting department that precisely handles all these issues. However, in small and medium enterprises, this is not always the case. Among other reasons, because many time it is not profitable to have a single department in charge of these matters. Especially when you can hire the accounting advisory services that we have already discussed.

Counselling in accounting management: what can I expect from this service?

On the other hand, we could not stop talking with more detail about what it means to hire this type of service. While it is true that depending on each company and each advisor we can find some differences and particularities, in general terms this type of advice will translate into the following services:

• General accounting: everything related to the accountant Service in Singapore of the company, from the annual accounts to the accounting closings or the entries going through all kinds of issues such as the preparation and presentation of tax books, the annual report, etc.

• Tax advice: as we have already mentioned, an important part of the accounting of a company is related to tax matters. From the taxes, you have to pay to the tax obligations to which a business is subject through the different terms that influence the exercise of your activity. Having bookkeeping services will have full knowledge of all legal issues related to our company.

• Design and optimization of our accounting: adapting at all times the needs of our company with external factors to find the financial plan with which we get the maximum benefit and efficiency. • The resolution of doubts: finally, and like any other advice, one of the services we will enjoy will be precisely the resolution of the accounting doubts that we have.