Stickers are a powerful tool in the business world that can help you promote a product, provide information about a topic, and so on. In the process of making stickers, of course, we understand quite well how this is done. However, for those of you who don’t know, this article will discuss tricks you can do to make stickers easier so that you will immediately succeed in the first try. Read it until it’s finished. 

1. Find Some Basics Ideas Online 

This seems quite crucial in making stickers because indeed the main elements of stickers are the design image and color, the rest is complementary. This complement can be in the form of writing and the materials being used. In today’s era of disruption, it’s very easy to find design ideas online that you can use as a reference. There are tens or even hundreds of sites that will display lots of sample images in a one-word headline for free. You just have to type it on the search engine on your computer or smartphone, and hundreds of images will appear. Plus, there is a design generator that you can use to download a design image just by typing in one word of the design idea you want. Isn’t that amazing? 

2. Pick A Mix And Match Of The Colors Online 

Several years ago, people made stickers using graphic design services, or to their nearest sticker printing shop. Of course, this is fine, even if you want to get professional and good sticker results. However, if you are a beginner who doesn’t know where to start, then you can take advantage of the online platform that provides it for you, especially in this case the color selection. Lots of platforms provide color selection options that are suitable for mixing and matching. You only have to choose and download it and then use it in your favorite design application. 

3. Use ‘Kansei’ 

This may sound a little foreign to you. But bear with me, you will get extraordinary benefits from this. Kansei is a term from Japanese which means emotion. Emotions are not always angry, of course, but the products you offer, in this case, are stickers, which have an emotional appeal that will make the viewer feel attracted to look further. Why is that? Because there is Kansei in the overall design that radiates from the sticker, and people who see it will relate emotionally. Therefore, the stickers that you create will often be seen in more detail, not at first glance. 

How do you make it? The first thing you need to do is a small survey, it doesn’t need to be massive, it can be with the people closest to you such as your family and friends. You present some of the sticker model designs that you have made, then ask them to choose which one they prefer, and ask them the reason why they choose one design over other designs. 

So? Easy right? Now is the time for you to make your sticker. Good luck!