Name card printing is very common nowadays. They’re pretty reliable and a lot of them can produce good quality name cards. But what if you need a new stack of name cards quick? Then you should find an express name card printing service. With an express name card printing service, you will get your name cards in a much shorter time than the regular service. Of course, this will cost you more. But if you really need it, then you should go for it.

Of course, you can’t skip the designing part for your name card production. No matter how quick the printing shop can print, but if you don’t have the design, then it can’t be done. So, here are several designing tips that you should remember to create a good name card design that is compatible with high quality printing to ensure that your express name card printing can run smoothly.

1. Balance Text

For the design of your name card, make sure that the text is not too big or too small. A name card needs to be legible in order to be effective, so the choice regarding font style and size is very important. Some texts on your name card should be bigger than the others, especially if they need more emphasis. Creating this balance on the design of your name card is also good and can make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

2. Avoid the Edge

Don’t put anything too close to the edge. The closer any element is to the edge, the higher the chance it will get trimmed off. Pay attention to everything. It is better to keep things closer to the middle. But of course, there needs to be a good distance between everything so that the overall design won’t look cramped or stuffed. Keep in mind that there should be nothing in a radius of 4.5 mm from the edge of your name card design.

3. 3 Printing Plates

Three printing plates are the ideal maximum amount that you should use for your name card. More printing plates means that the name card will most likely turn muddy. If you want it to look clear and crisp, then stick to three maximum. Lining up more than three printing plates is more difficult, too. You probably will get a soft or blurred appearance, which is not ideal for a professional name card.

4. Vector Based Program

It is much better to use a vector based professional designing program so that you can get high quality result. Adobe Photoshop is a professional designing software, but it is not vector based. The text elements will be exported as a bitmap that is made of pixels instead of vector objects so there’s a chance that the image quality will be reduced upon printing. It is recommended to use either InDesign or Adobe Illustrator for designing a name card for the best results. Whichever program you use for the design of your name card, remember to work at 300 dpi to get the final product in high resolution.